Who are we ?

Founded in 2011, Melodys Association is an association law 1901 working for the dissemination of music lessons for children exhibiting the type of "dys" (SIRET 753 525 674 00028).

Recent scientific research highlights the relationship between music and language and tend to prove that musical training have a beneficial effect on disorders of learning and associated disorders (motor skills, coordination, concentration, reading, writing, self-confidence, etc.).

In addition, the current music education in the conservatory or music school offers no planning, no specific educational program suitable for children with learning difficulties.

From this double statement, the association wished to facilitate access to music and learning an instrument for children 'dys' and developed a suitable pedagogical method enabling improved cognitive functions.

Active collaboration with Résodys gives us the opportunity to continue our questioning and improve our teaching adapted so that aid better and better the child overcome his troubles while having fun.

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